Art Postcard Swap!

November 11th, 2013 by
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Share your creativity through the mail – postcard swap!

Ocean Reef Postcard for the Postcard SwapSee what other crafters and artists from around the world create while brightening your day with a bit of artsy mail at the end of the year – a postcard swap!

Use our handmade postcards from Thailand as the canvas for your work. These 6″x4″ stiff paper pieces take acrylic paint and watercolor beautifully! You can also collage on them, sew through them, transfer images on to them – you name it!

Each pack comes with 10 postcards. You can start creating your masterpieces as soon as you get your cards. 

Save on shipping!

Save Money!If the shipping address is in the US, use the coupon code SWAPUS and save $3 on shipping! If the shipping address is outside the US, use the coupon code SWAPWORLD and save $6 on shipping! Coupons expire on December 13, 2013.


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On December 16th, you’ll be emailed 9 names and addresses. You address 9 of your postcards using these addresses and drop them in the mail by December 23rd

While we expect most participants will be in the United States, international artists are welcome to play as well.

US Post Office regulations say to qualify as a postcard, the finished piece must be less than 0.016″ thick (about 1/64″). Over that (but less than 1/4″) means first class postage rates will apply. You can check US postcard rates on the USPS website. If you’re based outside the US, please check postage rates with your post office. 

Based on where your post cards are coming from, you can expect 9 post cards from other artists to arrive in your mailbox around the end of the year

Get started on your art now, so you’ll be ready to mail your work after December 16th! 

AlteredPages.comOnce you purchase your postcards here, check out They have a great selection of collage imagery and are offering 20% off if you use the coupon code ARTPOSTCARDSWAP when you check out on their site! These images would be fantastic on postcards!

Everyone is using the same handmade postcard as a base. In January we’ll show you a creative way to store the postcards you receive (plus the one you kept for yourself).

Act quickly so you can start creating now and be a part of this exciting postcard swap!

I’ve got one done… an ocean reef I made by collaging with bits of art paper and Perfect Paper Adhesive.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Carole Morgan said:

    Thanks for adding me, I love new adventures in creativity :0)

  2. Threads18 said:

    I don’t see where to actually sign up for the swap. Joe, could you please add me? Thanks.

  3. Barnhill said:

    I just placed my order for cards. Please make sure I am signed up to get the email with addresses and instructions for the swap. Thanks Corinne Barnhill

    • CraftSuite Administrator said:

      Hi Corinne! I just sent you an email to confirm the address you want us to use for the swap :) Thanks! Joe

  4. Barbara Tobias said:

    Is this for the Dec 11th USArtQuest class and if so, how can I register?

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  6. Teresa Kenyon said:

    I am thinking through how I would do my postcards. If we mail via postcard I am concerned with the front design. Can we mail them in envelopes or is that against the project rules?

    • CraftSuite Administrator said:

      Great question! Absolutely! You can mail your postcard in an envelope to protect your postcard. If you do, you might want to add a little decoration to the envelope so the recipient gets something special in the mail and something that shows there is art inside. Maybe a little doodle, a quick rubber stamp a sticker – just a little something special. It’s certainly optional but will make that day’s mail even nicer for the person who gets it.

  7. Astrid said:

    I absolutely love the idea of this ( I live in the UK), sadly the timing is wrong for me right now as I have too many other things on my plate, but I really hope you will do this again some time in the new year….. Just too busy right now. Good luck with it!

    • CraftSuite Administrator said:

      Thanks for your note! We understand how busy this time of the year can be. To be candid, we completely forgot about that when we planned this swap! But we are hoping to do more in 2014, so stay tuned!

  8. Dawn Jackson said:

    This was fun. I wished I had gotten all nine cards though!! Hope another one is done this fall.

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